What is Pogo Sticking?

You must have probably heard of that before…

This is a situation whereby somebody clicks and bounces us to a site, and then they bounce back, and then they bounce to another one, and they keep bouncing around. Well, for this, what Google is interested in is what the final bounce is? I mean, where did they end up? Besides, Google hates the sites that give the bounce because what that means is Google sent the user to the wrong place. Google doesn’t like that, and they don’t like it anymore on your site than they do on their website. So, we have figured out how to send signals to Google to tell them they’re sending the wrong results.

For instance, we’ll send a search for a keyword that we know we don’t rank for, scroll the search results, and then we’ll Pogo stick back to Google search box and add the brand to the keyword. Then we run the search, come up to the top, then click through. We ensure that we spend a bunch of time on the site. What we do ultimately is wind up on the contact page or some page that’s likely to end the user experience. And then we close the browser out. This action sends a definitive signal to Google that, “hey, when somebody starts looking for this keyword, they really wanted it from that brand. This is the site they wound up on. They were satisfied; they got what they wanted.”

This way is how we’re using Pogo sticking against the mountain. Simply put – we are using something that they have identified as a positive signal, and we’re using it against them. That is to say; we are “rewiring” them. We are basically retraining them from using a natural language pattern and NLP.

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