What Google does basically is…

What Google does basically is that they’ll take a page just at random, that’s like on pages two, three, four, just not on the first page, and then just throw it up on the first page just for a second to see what happens. And it’s kind of like a boxing match; they’re taking some unknown and giving them a shot at the title. Such pages got just one shot. And if he wins, he gets to go to the next round. If he loses, he gets thrown to the dungeon forever, just like that.

So, now, think about that. Let’s say you’re two or three pages down, Google throws you up on the first page, and people click through to you, you just proved you are worthy of being on the first page.

Now, if users click through to you more than they click through to the one they tested you against, guess who gets to stay. That’s right, really. And this is how they continue to move you up the ladder.

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