Ultimate guide to targeting on LinkedIn

The Ultimate guide to targeting on LinkedIn

You need to decide who you’re going to target: targeting by job title is what works best on LinkedIn, but there might be different titles for different types of companies. Targeting by industry also works really well.

One of the secret sauces to the targeting I use is in sales navigator. Going with the size of company. I like companies that are between 10 and 50 employees. On average I find that there’s a $100,000 in gross revenue per employee. So a 10 person company means they have $1 million in gross revenue, which means that they should have no problem investing 25 or 50 thousand dollars. That’s typically the type of clients I work with, and have huge success with on LinkedIn.

So there’s your targeting, then there’s your profile. A lot goes into this, but at the high level you want to think like the other person would think, what kind of person would they want to be connected with?

Targeting and then getting your profile ready so that people accept your invitation are the first two most important steps.

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