Most people are afraid to take any risk… here’s how to risk with creativity

How is “creativity” the difference between good and great marketing?

Most people are afraid to take any risk. They will take stock photos. They won’t go out and actually get photographs made if they don’t have a big budget for actual great photography.

What I’ve done for years now, is I take decent stock photography, and then I edit it in software so it doesn’t look stock anymore. It looks like a high-end image. It looks completely different than the stock image. Learning how to edit phones can turn a mediocre image into a captivating one. I’ll turn stock photos into amazing images for my presentations and in my ads.

Video—I have a YouTube channel and I do video on LinkedIn. Video is easy to do today. You’ve got to get comfortable on camera. You’ve got to learn how to look into the camera and be mildly entertaining. That will actually help you to be more creative and things that get people to pay attention because we’re in an attention economy.

If you can’t captivate someone’s attention, you’re not going to make any money. You’ve got to captivate them. You’ve got to get their attention because you’re not just competing with your direct competitors. You’re competing with everything on social media. You’re competing with everything on Netflix. You’re competing with everything out in the real world. Those things are all trying to take the attention of the person you need to pay attention to you. The only thing that’s going to make the difference is creativity. The better your creativity in your copy and your imagery, the better your campaigns are going to do.

Jimena Cortes:

That’s true and, if you’re not creative, you can always hire people who are. For example, for the image that I posted today to promote this show. I had someone on Fiverr take a picture of me to make the image. I think I paid $5-$10 for it. That’s an image that I can leverage, not just for this show, but for other shows and different things I want to promote in the future. It wasn’t a lot out of my pocket.

Tim Conley:

I like to say that people are creative, they’re just scared to be.

Being skilled at something, say photography, is different than being creative with a photo. You’ve got to learn to separate skill from actual creativity.

Creativity is the idea, the concept, the thing that is going to lead the way for this skill. It’s like, “Oh, I’ve got this great idea for a photo. Well then how am I going to get that photo?” Now you may need to get resourceful. You may need to find a friend who’s a good photographer or hire a good photographer who can actually turn that concept— that idea—into reality. That’s what I mean by creative. Most people can come up with ideas. They’re just afraid to execute on them.

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