The secret to highly successful marketing is Branding as per Tim Conley

Is the secret to highly successful marketing “Branding”?

Yes. but that’s pretty vague, right? We all know great brands. We see them, but have you actually studied what makes them great?

If you want to create great marketing, you have to become a student of great brands, not just a student of marketing. A lot of people on the internet only study marketing from other internet marketers and they end up in this little microcosm of knowledge.

I was actually just having this conversation with my daughter about one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever in modern history, the iPod.

When the iPod came out, there were other MP3 players. Most people have no idea that there were other MP3 players before the iPod. They think, “Oh, Apple. Apple invented the MP3 player.”

The MP3 player had been out for 5-7 years before the iPod, but what made the difference was the design. The iPod was beautifully designed with a completely unique disc that you use to move around it where all the other MP3 players had really small buttons. They were really hard to use.

The iPod was bright white and it had this awesome dial. People had never seen anything like it before, except maybe in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. The iPod message was “1000 songs in your pocket today!”

Today, people think, “Just 1000? I’ve got a hundred million songs available to me right now. I’ve got Amazon Music Unlimited. I think I’ve got access to several million songs right now and I can carry that with me everywhere.”

But at that time, MP3 players were sold by their storage capacity. The storage was small. When you’re telling a customer this thing has 64 megabytes of storage, what does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

However, Apple came out branding everything including the message “1000 songs in your pocket!” That’s easy to comprehend.

Then they put it in this gorgeous packaging. That’s branding also. All the other MP3 players out there looked either like toys or they looked like these complex machines that no one knew how to use. When the iPod came out, it was sleek and captured your attention. All of those pieces equal branding.

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