Should I do my LinkedIn marketing on my own?

Should I do my LinkedIn marketing on my own?

Why would you want to put in all that time to learn it, do it, risk doing it wrong and embarrassing yourself?

Think about the clients you’re losing while you’re figuring out what to do.

It’s very time consuming and it’s not so much just time consuming… That’s the tactical part of LinkedIn. It’s really what you say in your messages that makes all the difference.

That’s one of my recurring themes in my business: success on LinkedIn comes down to the messages. Anybody can send out messages, but it’s what you say in those messages that makes all the difference.

What works best on LinkedIn is what I call problem-based marketing. You’re going to need to present a big problem and then offer them a big solution.

My copywriting system on LinkedIn is called BP BS. It’s Big Problem, Big Solution. You want to ask people, “Do you have a big problem?” You want it to be a problem that you specialize in solving. You want it to be a problem painful for them in their business. And I’ll give you an example. The B2B examples are obvious, but here is one of the B to C ones. One of my clients right now is a dating coach. I always think of myself when writing the copy as if I’m the target audience. If a dating coach came to me on LinkedIn and said, ” Hey, I do dating coaching, are you interested? I would probably be like, this is LinkedIn, dude. What the heck are you doing?” Let alone if the dating coach said to me something like, Hey, I can help you with your dating and you know, it’s going to be like $500 an hour.

Are you kidding me? I don’t even pay my doctor $500 an hour or my personal trainer. I’m not interested in that. One of the secrets about LinkedIn is you want to set the conversation on common ground.

Here’s an example: I walk into a bar and see a girl. I try to pitch the girl on me. It’s never going to work. Now, If I walk into the bar and see she’s wearing a cross necklace and I ask her if she knows a good church around town? Now we’ve got a conversation.

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