The goal is not to go viral.

If your video goes viral and you don’t get any clients, that’s not going to do you any good. Here, just like your messaging, your content needs to be problem-based. The goal of your content is to get clients. The goal is not to go viral. That’s kind of a byproduct. I talk about that and people get excited. 

Let me give you an example of this. One of my clients is a public speaking coach. And so his content is basically  doing a video once a week. Remember, it’s part of your reputation strategy. All the people that are connecting with you are going to see that you’re active. See your content out there. Once a week is good, it can just be a two-minute video. You can do it on your phone. And we advise our clients on what they should do in their content. But here’s what he was doing…

He was doing 3 things every time… three tips for public speaking, three tips for speaking on webinars. They were all good and positioned him as an expert in each topic. You would get likes and comments from people who would say, yeah, that was cool, but where does that go? Like if they liked your tips, that doesn’t open the door to any conversation. He would then try to message them and follow up with them about they needs. But this wasn’t going anywhere. So the last video I had him to do was a specific problem, a specific use case, and he chose this topic:

Do you get nervous when you do presentations or you just power through it?

We probably all do that. But what we don’t realize is that sometimes our body language is really giving us away. And the way you can tell if your body language is giving you away is as if you’re getting peppered with questions. If people are interrupting you in the boardroom as you’re presenting, that means you’re not really giving the best presentation you could.

So turning your content around into a specific use case can pull the right questions from you. That crushed everyone who liked my client’s comment and most importantly it didn’t go viral.

It hadn’t, but it had like eight comments and those eight people all had that problem. A problem that he’s very specialized in, solving the best comments are when people say, you know, I didn’t think of that or I didn’t realize that, when they’re interrupting you with questions, that means I’m not doing my best. Right? You want to challenge them with your assumptions and with your expertise. That’s how you make content that brings your clients in those content that gets comments and likes is what makes your content go viral.

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