It’s Very Important to Monitor and Better your CTR!

This explains why it is very important to monitor and better your click-through ratio. There are only two things that affect a site’s click-through ratio, and that is your title and your description because that’s the first and the only thing that the viewer sees.

That you are on the first page doesn’t guarantee to express click-throughs. It all depends on how detailed and comprehensive your description is. Remember, either you are on number 1 or number 10 on the first page, you have 9 other pages to compete with. And of course, that with the best description wins! And that is why you need to focus on your title and description.

So, first, we have the title. The title is really the big thing, wonder less it gets bolded on the search result. I mean, that’s the first thing they see. One of the things that can make you more clickable is if they know you’re relevant, and what’s relevant is up-to-date information.
Hence, if you include the date, then there is more likely to get more clicks because they know it’s fresh. This way, you’re basically taking yourself out of the unknown realm. Cause if they look at yours and it has 2019 or 2020 even better, they’re like, “oh, this is new, this is fresh.” This is a good little trick.

Another thing is having calls to action, both in your title and your description.

Believe it or not, people like to do what they’re told. They like to be told what to do rather, and they do it. So, if you tell them to click for something, there are chances that they’re going to do it. Now, if everyone is not telling them, but you, then you have a better shot.

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