But then, you might ask yourself, why did they go to this link? Their goal is to supply a good user experience. That’s it. If they provide good user experience, they continue to get users and grow, and they get ad dollars. If they supply a bad user experience, people go elsewhere to search, and their ad dollars shrink. Tandem to this, you should expect that they will defend that empire with everything they’ve got. And that’s why they do what they do. So that’s kind of how we got to where we are and the nature of the evolution of the whole thing. And I know you’ve seen this and, of course, you’ve ridden the wave. That’s where we’re at.

John, What Do You Say About People Saying SEO Is Dead?

For me, the only thing dead is the people that don’t know how to do it. As long as there are search engines and you also have products to push to the top, then SEO is gonna be alive as the world.

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