How to get 1-2 clients a week on LinkedIn

With Greig Wells

On this first episode of Marketing Behind Closed Doors Web-TV show, I chat with Greig Wells, who is a LinkedIn Expert. We share how you can get 1-2 clients a week on LinkedIn by having the right messages and processes in place to achieve this.

About Greig Wells

Greig Wells is the Founder of a Marketing Agency that specializes in LinkedIn Lead Generation for Coaches, Consultants and Software Companies. You know how software companies and coaches struggle to get qualified leads from LinkedIn? He helps solve this.


  • How Greig Wells got started with LinkedIn
  • What are the top 3 mistakes people make on LinkedIn?
  • Why is LinkedIn so effective in generating high quality leads?


  • How did Greig Wells get started with LinkedIn? (01:00)
  • What are the top 3 mistakes people make on LinkedIn? (01:59)
  • Why is LinkedIn so effective in generating high quality leads versus other networks? (06:12)
  • What do you have to prepare before you start messaging and researching people on LinkedIn? (12:31)
  • What’s the next step to take after you have figured out your target audience? (17:21)
  • What must be said in the messages you send to get people to respond? (23:41)
  • How do you know your leads are going to be qualified? (32:28)
  • What’s the best type of targeting to use on LinkedIn? (35:54)
  • What three things should be included in your reputation strategy? (39:44)
  • What’s the best type of content to create and share on LinkedIn? (41:34)
  • How to succeed with LinkedIn’s Sponsored Inmails? (46:53)
  • What to do when you hit a wall with organic marketing (48:26)
  • What type of content can go viral on LinkedIn? (49:18)
  • What books does Greig Wells recommend to help you with your business? (55:24)
  • How can people connect with Greig Wells? (57:32)


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Greig’s Website

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Yifat Cohen
Yifat Cohen

I get between 7-18 connection requests a day after implementing Jimena’s suggestions on my profile

Sholom Morgan

I need a 10-minute video with all the information, not an hour one.

Greig Wells

Greig Wells

Founder of a marketing agency specializes in LinkedIn lead generation for Coaches, Consultants, & Software companies