How to Build a Successful Marketed Brand with Tim Conley

So how do you build a brand? How do you become seen in someone’s eyes as the only person to do business with, especially in industries that are really competitive?

Tim Conley:

First, you need to stand for something. You really need to know what you’re trying to accomplish.

You know, that corporate-speak of “having a vision” and “having a mission” and things like that? It’s not BS. You really do need to have a vision.

Your vision has to be bigger than your customer’s vision. If your vision for the future is far bigger than theirs, they’re going to be attracted to that.

It becomes aspirational. You’re not just solving a problem. You’re creating a better future for them, and that is very attractive.

Humans are very attracted to the idea that the future is going to be better than today. They will come after anyone who has a clear understanding of the future. There’s no way we can actually know the future, but we come out with our vision strongly and say, “This is what it is.”

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