How does the Pogo stick system work?

Well, for this system, we’ve got cell phones. I mean, we have a network of cell phones around the world now that can send these signals. Remember a little while ago I talked about the perfect experience would be someone running a search for you for your keyword, and when it’s not found, you Pogo stick back to Google, add your brand and then rerun the search and click through to your site. Well, that’s what our network of cell phones is doing for our customers.

And this precisely was what we created. We basically created an entire system to emulate the user experience. In other words, we’re using NLP to create the user experience that Google is measuring using Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, it’s like a perfect mirror match. And what we did, we kind of dug into the patent on Google to see exactly what it was they were looking for. And we’ve also talked about click-through ratio and bounce rate. Well, it goes way deeper than that, and that’s what we actually focused on. You know, I’ve kind of alluded to the biggest factors, and that is Pogo sticking and connecting a brand. One of the things that Google identified, whether it’s AI or not, is how important the brand connection is. If your site doesn’t have any brand relevance, Google doesn’t see it as being important. Like if you do a search right now for almost any keyword you can think of in Google, you’ll see big brands at the top. This is because they’ve recognized the importance of that connection. That’s kind of what it looks like when they went to link building to measure popularity. This is kind of the new swing of that. They’re looking at brand recognition as the new popularity, because it is getting a lot harder to manipulate the linking. And yeah, this really knocked a few little players out of the game.

So, that’s what we’re doing. We’re basically putting the power back in the hands of the little guy to be able to compete again, which is really cool cause I’m always fighting for the little guy. I mean, I’m all about the underdogs. For instance, now, the last 20 years have seen me battle a dragon. You know, I’m basically out there on the front lines as a mercenary to take that dude down. And it is not like I do it for myself. I do it for my clients and all my, you know, all the people that are following me. That is what it’s all about. So, when people ask me, and they’re like, how come your site doesn’t rank? I’m like, I dunno, I don’t optimize my site. Nobody pays me to optimize my site. Lol.

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