How does a small enterprise start to brand itself with Tim Conley

How does a company start to brand itself, especially when they are a smaller company?

Jimena Cortes:

I want to go back to the branding topic. I know it’s a big topic, but what are some ways that a small- to medium-sized business can start to try to brand themselves in order to become the “go-to” company in their industry?

In other words, when someone wants a cup of coffee, they go to Starbucks. When they want a soda, they get a Coke. That’s branding.

Tim Conley:

Today it’s easy. In the past it wasn’t easy because there were a lot of gatekeepers and the only way you could get your message in front of your customer was to spend money.

One of the things that people who don’t have any money tend to have is time. So, if you don’t have millions of dollars to “buy attention” like Starbucks or Coca Cola, we have all the tools necessary on our phones.

Your smartphone has all the tools you need. If you don’t have them on there, you can download them for free and then you’ll have all the tools you need to capture the attention of your market.

You can do a live stream just like this. It doesn’t even have to be fancy. For example, on my YouTube channel, I’ve done some live streams that are just my dumb face looking into my webcam and that’s enough to get the attention of hundreds of people for an hour of their time. That’s something that you can do. It only takes an hour and you already have the tools.

I can go live on my YouTube channel, I can go live on Facebook, I can post a video on LinkedIn all just by using my phone. I can also chat back and forth with people who interact with that content from my phone. The amazing part is, it’s all free!

We can build a brand right now without spending any more money than you’ve spent on your phone.

If you are ready to have your LinkedIn account working for you to generate more business, schedule a call with Jimena today.

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