Highly Successful Marketing for Branding in Competitive Markets with Tim Conley

What are some other strategies for branding in competitive markets?

People should really study branding. It is important to study branding, so that you get a better understanding of all the different things that go into it.

The colors that you use, your background. Look at the difference between my background and Jimena’s background. They are completely different.

You look behind me, it’s dark, moody, and hyper-masculine.

And then you look at Jimena’s background and it’s light and airy. It fits with your personality because you’re really upbeat.

Me, I’m dark and moody. I’m the tormented creator and my scene has that. It’s part of our brand.

We’re crafting a brand. We’re not simply creating content. We’re looking at how to portray a particular image. Instagram influencers are amazing at this. They get you to believe in a complete fantasy life. Many of them do not live the lives that they portray. They’re essentially portraying a character. But that character is a brand because their brand is about aspiration. Their brand is what people fantasize that they wish they could be.

If you understand that, that’s my brand. I’m an aspirational brand. When you bring in products, you have to do brand deals as an influencer, you have to have brand deals that are aspirational.

If you came in and did a deal with Walmart as your “aspirational brand,” that’s not aspirational. I can go to Walmart anytime I want.

But if it was Hermes that was doing a deal with you, that’s aspirational.

I don’t know about you but I’m probably never going to spend $2,000 for a scarf. Maybe you would. You would resonate with an influencer who built an aspirational brand.

With Contractor Dynamics, we’re building a “brotherhood” brand. Our market is 99.9% men. There are women moving into roofing and more power to them but we know who our customer is. It’s men.

We’re trying to put forth the idea that you’re not only learning marketing, but you’re joining a brotherhood. You’re joining a group of people that are going to support each other and help each other, not just through the good times, but also through the really hard times that comes from doing hard work like roofing.

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