Customers want to know more from Tim Conley

So what is your vision and how are you communicating that to your customers?

Tim Conley:

In our space, we went from being an advertising agency to an education agency, which was a big jump.

What we found was that our customers liked the marketing we were doing for them but wanted to know a lot more. They were saying, “We don’t know how to actually do marketing. We don’t even know how to support a marketing agency so that we get the best results for our money.”

So we have a simple message, a simple vision. Our main vision is that we’re going to be the BEST education marketing company for the roofing industry. Actually, it’s not just the roofing industry. It’s just the best marketing education, period. But we’re focused on the roofing industry, so that’s the beginning of it. That’s where we’ve drawn a line in the sand that this is what we’re going to stand for.

We’re going to be the best. That drives everything else from that point on.

It drives the quality of our product, the quality of our service, and even the types of ads we put out. We can’t just throw together an email and send it. That was the old way of doing business. The new way of doing business is that when we send an email, it’s the BEST email. It’s the one that’s going to contribute the most to our customers. So having that is the driving force of what creates our ultimate message.

Jimena Cortes:

I want to get a little bit clearer on what you said. You’re performing marketing services for roofers, correct?

Tim Conley:

We used to do marketing services for roofers. Now all we do is train them. The roofing industry does not understand marketing. Almost everyone in the roofing industry is sales-oriented. They know how to sell, so all of their language is around, “Get me a lead. Get me a lead so I can make a sale.” That’s their entire language. And they’re running up against massive competition in Dallas and Fort Worth. I believe there’s an estimated 7,000 roofing companies there alone.

That’s insane! I don’t know how you could support that many in the Dallas/ Fort Worth region.

How do you differentiate yourself if you only go out and try to generate leads? The same thing happens with your competitors. They’re doing the same thing. So you’re all competing for the very small percentage of people who want to have their roof replaced or built today.

But we know that most people aren’t even going to make a decision on replacing their roof for a year or maybe even two years. So how do you stand out? The only way is to learn how to build a brand.

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