What really LinkedIn is?

Most often people connect and then they’ll immediately start to pitch what they do. So that I would say is by far, number one, the huge mistake that people make on LinkedIn.

The second biggest mistake

people make is they think of LinkedIn as Facebook for business. On Facebook, most people really only connect with people. They actually know you’re seeing all their personal information. That’s not how LinkedIn operates at all.

The metaphor I like to use when helping my clients understand LinkedIn is it’s like the modern day phone book. It’s like a directory.

On LinkedIn, you can only search your network three levels deep. So you want to have a bigger, deeper network that gives you more exposure, more people are able to find you, and more people you’re able to find. If you’re limiting your network like you do in Facebook or other social media to just people you know, that is another big mistake that people make.

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